Sample questions for staff

Ofsted's Inspecting e-safety briefing gives examples of the sort of questions that inspectors might ask school staff to judge the level of your school's current e-safety practice.

  1. Have you had any training that shows the risks to your and pupils online safety?

  2. Are there policies in place that clearly demonstrate good and safe internet practice for staff and pupils?

  3. Are there sanctions in place to enforce the above policies?

  4. Do all staff understand what is meant by the term cyber-bullying and the effect it can have on themselves and pupils?

  5. Are their clear reporting mechanisms with a set of actions in place for staff or pupils who feel they are being bullied online?

  6. Does school have any plans for an event on Safer Internet Day (note: this is an annual event now in its fifth year at least so any school who are engaged would know about it)?

Ofsted will be looking for positive answers to all of the above. It would demonstrate a schools commitment to e-safety if all staff had received some awareness training outlining what the current risks are and what resources are available to help them keep pupils and themselves safe online

From Ofsted Inspecting E-Safety briefing for section 5 inspection

Written by Safeguarding Essentials on April 07, 2013 15:58

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