L is for...Leetspeak, Like and LinkedIn

Leetspeak: The term 'leet' or '1337' is derived from 'elite'. It's an alternative alphabet for the English language, used primarily on the internet, substituting numbers for letters (or vice versa). The more obscure the substitution, the more 'leet' the user. It used to be reserved solely for hackers, nerds and geeks, but it's since entered the mainstream and is often used to poke fun at n00bs (newbies) or get past censorship (@$$ is a good example of this...).

Like (Facebook): The Facebook ‘like’ button does just what it says on the tin: by clicking that button next to a status update, image or video, you can show your appreciation, support or amusement without having to actually type any words! There has long been a call for a Facebook ‘dislike’ button, but they seem to be holding out so far…

LinkedIn: Another social networking platform, this one has been described as ‘Facebook for grownups’. It’s a little misleading though; most Facebook users are grownups (allegedly). LinkedIn is more about business networking. Users upload their work histories, skills, etc. – much like a CV. It’s a very useful tool for businesses, too.

Written by Safeguarding Essentials on July 31, 2013 09:34


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