E is for...E-learning and Emoticon

E-learning: Sometimes known as computer-based training, or web-based learning, e-learning is short for 'electronic learning'. It includes all types of electronically supported learning and teaching. It adds an extra dimension to traditional teaching, incorporating new technology and is delivered via the internet, video, DVD, CD, etc. It also means learning materials can be accessed from anywhere – making teachers’ and pupils’ lives easier!

Emoticon: An emoticon is a representation of a facial expression formed by combinations of punctuation marks, numbers and letters. It's a useful shorthand way of expressing your feelings or mood, and can help to give clarification where misunderstandings may arise. Here are the usual suspects: :-) = happy, :-( = sad, ;-) = winking, \m/ = let’s rock! Interestingly, the first documented emoticons appeared in the March 30, 1881 issue of American satirical magazine Puck.

For more online terms and defnintions, visit the E-safety Support Knowledge Base

Written by Safeguarding Essentials on September 17, 2013 09:29


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