G is for...Geocaching, Google, Gigabyte and Grooming

Geocaching: Geocaching is treasure-hunting for the modern age! It's an outdoor activity in which participants use a GPS (Global Positioning System) device to hide and seek containers - known as 'geocaches' anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container (like Tupperware or a film case) containing a logbook and perhaps a trinket or two for trade. The geocacher enters the date they found it and their nickname. It's a great way to get out and about, and can be addictive...

Google: Google is an internet search engine: it lets you find other sites on the web based on keyword searches. It's one of the five most popular websites in the world. Google has grown - it's now a huge multinational business that provides email services, social media platforms, operating systems, and much more. It’s so popular, that ‘google’ is now a verb: you can spend hours googling something, when you should be doing something else...

Gigabyte: A byte is a unit of digital information in computing and telecommunications. Historically, a byte was the number of bits used to encode a single character of text in a computer. The prefix 'giga' means 10 to the power 9 - so one gigabyte is 1,000,000,000 bytes. It has the symbol GB.

Grooming: According to the Cambridge dictionary, grooming is defined as 'the criminal activity of becoming friends with a child, especially over the internet, in order to try to persuade the child to have a sexual relationship with you'.

Written by Safeguarding Essentials on October 16, 2013 11:07


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