T is for...Tags, Texting, Toolbar, Trolls, Twitter and Tweets

Tags: A tag is method of categorising information or files. Music lovers can tag their music files with genres. A photographer might tag their snaps with categories such as ‘family’, ‘architecture’ or ‘dogs in costumes’. This enables the user to quickly search files and find the ones they’re after.

Texting: Also known as SMS (short message service), text messages are written communications via a mobile phone. They are often brief and to the point because there were limited characters available. This led to ‘text speak’, a new language which is creeping into other forms of communication.

Toolbar: This is extra functionality added to a web browser (usually for searching), which occupies the upper area of the screen. They are often included with software you want to download – so you can find yourself with a web browser address bar that takes up half the screen if you’re not careful.

Trolls: Remember those ugly little dolls with crazy hair? Well, we're not referring to those. An internet troll is a person who posts inflammatory, irrelevant or abusive messages in an online community for the sole purpose of provoking a row.

Twitter: A social networking site that allows brief messages (but please, not on what you’ve had for lunch), images and links to web content to be announced by a user to anyone who is interested. It’s also known as a ‘microblogging’ site. Users 'follow' people they are interested in, and topics may be tagged and grouped using a defined format called a hashtag (eg #esafety).

Tweet: A short message (must be 140 characters or fewer) sent by a user on Twitter. Perfect for the modern short attention span.

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Written by E-safety Support on September 24, 2013 11:18


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