Ofsted inspectors will want to see evidence of your e-safety strategy

You need to show a whole school commitment to e-safety, with a tailored policy, an effective curriculum and support for all members of the school community.

If your school is not inspected by Ofsted

The issues of e-safety and online danger are global, so while our resources have been created around the English Ofsted inspection guidance, the resources themselves could be used to respond to your local school inspection requirements.

E-safety has never been more important

Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, e-safety has never been more crucial. Technology is changing so rapidly that it is essential you are equipped with the skills to use it responsibly. Safeguarding Essentials can help by providing you with all the tools and teaching resources you need for a comprehensive e-safety strategy in your school.

We know your time is limited

Subscribe to Safeguarding Essentials and we will provide you with up-to-date policy templates, a policy building wizard, teaching resources, guidance for parents and more. We will also provide you with policy updates via email, monthly e-newsletters and termly reports. You can choose to spend as much or as little time as you like building and maintaining your e-safety strategy – once you are a member we will supply you all the key things you need, including policies, teaching resources and guidance.

Your budget is precious

So you can be sure that our pricing offers great value for money. For the price of one day’s consultancy or training, Safeguarding Essentials gives your whole school access to a range of resources for a full year, plus support and guidance.

Our resources are devised to complement requirements in the following way:

Key requirements How Safeguarding Essentials helps you to do this
E-safety as a shared responsibility between all staff “Live” policy for easy distribution and communication between staff
A progressive, age appropriate curriculum including school assemblies, PSHE teaching and peer mentoring Teaching resources designed to create a pupil-led e-safety strategy
Senior Leadership Team have clear e-safety strategy Everything your school needs for a comprehensive strategy – policies, teaching resources and audit tools
Regularly review policies, policies should be produced collaboratively and linked to other policies “Live” policies are auto updated by Safeguarding Essentials, including review reminders, and allow input from wider school community
Make use of views of parents and students, work with families Audit questionnaires for parents, pupils and stakeholders enable all groups to be involved
Staff training is often weakest point – need to audit training needs and provide evidence of training Refresher training courses offer a quick and easy way to stay up to date with developments
AUP signed by pupils, parents and staff Distribute AUPs via our system, monitor and track responses
Staff understand how to report incidents Instructions included in the E-safety policy
Running parents workshops, produce communications for parents Guidance and templates for parent communications to help parental engagement