V is for...Virus, VLE and VoIP

Virus: A virus is a malicious piece of software designed to do something you don't want. You probably don't want your files deleted, your computer broken, your credit card details stolen or your email account used to send hundreds of emails to people without your permission. There are many free or paid for virus-checkers or security suites that will do their level best to protect you. You should have one installed.

VLE (Virtual Learning Environment): A web-based system that provides virtual access to classes, class content, homework, tests and other resources. Many schools are beginning to adopt VLEs as a flexible, safe and secure platform for teacher-pupil communication. Plus, it makes resources available to everyone, all the time, wherever they are. Which is neat!

VoIP: Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP is a telephone function on your computer. Calls might be cheaper than using your real phone line, or they might even be free to someone else using the same VoIP software (like Skype). If you spend a lot of time on international calls, this can be a big cash saver.

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Written by E-safety Support on June 28, 2013 15:22


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